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Pamper the Penguins!

Help the Little Penguins of St Kilda by improving their habitat!

Little Penguin on Egg

Our most popular activity. The breakwater at the end of St Kilda pier is home to a colony of about 1200 Little Penguins. Over the last few years, erosion has set in, which threatens the hollows where the penguins build their nests. By reversing the effects of erosion through adding soil, rocks and vegetation, volunteers will help improve penguin habitat, protect their nests and create a suitable home for other seabird species too. Volunteers are likely to spot a penguin or two.


Help the penguins by transporting beach sand and sea weed from the beach to the breakwater. On the breakwater, we will mix the sand and seaweed into a nutrient-rich mix, which will be used as a preparation for planting indigenous plants.


Location: St Kilda breakwater, at the end of St Kilda Pier

Max participants: 25

Full day cost: $2900 plus GST

Half day cost: $1900 plus GST

Volunteers Improving Penguin Habitat

Larger groups

We offer ‘Penguin Habitat Improvement’ projects for larger groups of up to 50 people combining activities with our ‘Marine Biologist for a Day’ activity. Contact us for details.


For more information and costings, please contact our Community Engagement Coordinator on volunteer@ecocentre.com or call 9534 0670.

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