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Online Incursions: Marine Ecology & Port Phillip Bay

Your students will participate in a range of activities through Zoom, including video delivery and online Q&As with our educators. We deliver our activities through the ‘head, heart, hand’ approach to connect students to sustainable living choices and encouraging them to value and care for environmental systems.
30 Million Years in Melbourne Sharks and Rays
30 Million Years in Melbourne
In this program, students will learn about how Melbourne has changed in the last 30 million years. By understanding the fundamental basics of plate tectonics and what once lived in the greater Melbourne region, students will be able to make sense of deep-time and how evolution works.
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Sharks and Rays of Port Phillip Bay
This program introduces students to the fauna of Port Phillip Bay and southern Australia, specifically chondrichthyans (fish with a cartilaginous skeleton) by understanding their habitats, known life cycles, functional morphology (anatomy) and their diverse evolutionary traits. Additionally, students will learn about the geological history of Port Phillip Bay, and the ways that humans impact shark and ray populations and habitats in the Bay.
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Penguins of Australia Online Snorkeling
The Penguins of Australia
This program introduces students to the incredible anatomy of penguins and the species residing within all known Australian landmasses (including sub-antarctic territories). In this online talk, we’ll be understanding their behaviour/habits, known life-cycles, functional morphology (anatomy) and their diverse evolutionary traits that have allowed many penguin species to dominate southern marine ecosystems. 
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Online Snorkeling
A rare opportunity to join the EcoCentre's Marine experts team and dive into the secrets of Port Phillip Bay. Find out what lies beneath in our blue backyard, and bring your best questions about snorkeling, diving and what calls our Bay home.
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